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Crepes and crap

Today is Mardi Gras, and like all good French people everywhere, I am going to eat crepes to celebrate. Normally I build an entire meal around crepes—with savory ones, then dessert ones--but due to negligence, we will just have sweet crepes after dinner.

My favorites are very simple: butter and sugar, or just jam and powdered sugar. When I plan ahead, I prepare an apple compote with toasted walnuts. You schmear some of that into a crepe, plop some crème fraiche on top, then eat. Very good. TA’s favorite is still sautéed bananas and Nutella, and for once, we don’t have to shop for those ingredients since we have them on hand.

When I was a kid, I would eat crepes til I hurled. I just could not get enough. I would do the same with my grandmother’s beignets (plain or apple.) She would sometimes make them and not tell me, so that I wouldn’t park myself at the dining room table ready to take on other beignet-eating contenders. I was truly a sugar-addicted, demented 6 yr old.

Last night, I did a backbend in yoga that was almost a religious experience. I swear to God, if it hadn’t been for my legs shaking, I would have stayed upside down for hours. Most days I resist urdva dhanurasana, and attempt to balance the opening of my chest with the preservation of my sacrum and lower back. I approach the pose differently every time—sometimes focusing on inner spiral in my legs, sometimes focusing on my tailbone—to distract my mind from thoughts of pain or difficulty. Last night I successfully tricked my mind into releasing into the pose and it totally worked. I felt euphoric. I hate to sound all New Age-y and Californian, but it’s so rare to have moments like that in life—moments when you realize that your potential is limitless, and that your capacity for transformation is boundless with the right attitude. I know it sounds crazy, but patience and hard work really do pay off.

4:26 p.m. - 2005-02-08



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