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Worst foot forward

I crash at 9pm, and am wide awake at 5am.

Wonderful jetlag! Terence was complaining about it this morning, so I said, ďHey, just be grateful thereís still a little piece of Paris still inside of you.Ē I always get depressed the minute I am back on US time and thereís not an ounce of foreign travel left in my system.

I am really mad at Marc Jacobs for opening MJ stores in LA when I no longer live there . Itís just not right. Itís especially galling to see photos of B-listers hamming it up for the free goodie bags. The Dawn-who-ruined-Buffy actress and that snaggletoothed Jewell?

I had my appointment with the podiatrist today. The neuromas are under control. The one on the left foot doesnít hurt, and the one on the right, though swollen from too much walking and also from being squished by my snowboard boots, is probably fine. I need to keep my feet up, take ibuprofen and get the inflammation down.

I can handle that.

The other part of his diagnosis will require me to spend some time thinking. Because it involves surgery. Bunion surgery to be exact. Ewww!
I am officially OLD!

The doctor tried to put a positive spin on it, saying that Iím young and will bounce back from the operation, walking within two weeks. He said the operation is associated with older people because they wait too long to have their bunions dealt with (weíre talking, waiting, like, 20 years too long.) Since Iím so active, he thinks Iíd be a good candidate for doing it early. I think heís right, but I want to take time to wrap my brain around the idea, see if thereís an ideal time to schedule the operation, etc.

I canít imagine letting this condition worsen over a 20 year period. These foot problems are already hampering my ability to wear my cute shoes! I even told the doctor that: ďI canít spend my life in trainers! I have a lot of shoes to experience! I already canít wear cute shoes that fit fine a month ago!Ē

Iím sure he thought I was being hyperbolic, but thatís because he doesnít know me know me. The adult Future that Iíve envisioned and which has fueled me forward for the last ten years involves MANY pairs of lovely Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutins, Roger Viviers and Bruno Frisonis.

To take that dream away is to take away my will to live.

And now, I have to get back to workingÖ

2:36 p.m. - 2005-03-25



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