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Splitting hairs

Haircute is just that, but Iím beginning to think Iíve got to invest in a ceramic flat iron if I want sassorific bangs. Everyone is raving about this one, but I donít want to spend that much. Iíll only ever be ironing my bangs, so do I really need to own the ne plus ultra of ceramic flat irons? (5 years ago, I would have said yes.) Right now, with a sofa looming on the horizon, Iíd rather be frugal.

My current East Coast hairdresser seems to think I can get by with a cheapie $30 iron from Target. In matters of cut and tools, I have absolute confidence in her. I will take her advice.

In color, however, I do not trust her at all.

You will remember that I was interested in shaking things up by taking the color of my hair to newer, darker heights? No sooner had I mentioned wanting to do something like this, then out came the color sample books and photos of the stylistís latest work. Evidently in the sleepy hamlet of NH, stripey, piecy, late 80s-early 90s bright color is in. I am not kidding, but the salon owner said I would look good with purple highlights.

PURPLE? I HATE PURPLE! Gingeryette, how much do I hate purple? I know you feel me.

I may just get myself some dark henna, pile the mud on my head, tolerate TAís snarky ďHey shithead!Ē comments and see what happens. Canít be any worse than the spectre of dated bright purple streaks in my hair.

I think my SF stylist was right: some folks cut, some folks color. Very few stylists can do both well, so itís best to see specialists for each.

11:13 a.m. - 2005-05-17



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