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TCB Friday

I got my period this morning, and have been feeling crap. I didnít go to yoga this morning which of course made me feel crappier. The skies are gray, too, so itís like feeling crappyÖ in San Francisco! Or London! Crap for all my friends.

On the bright side? TA didnít have class today (his Fridays are free) so we had a breakfast meeting which was just an excuse to eat a giant pile of french toast while listening to Yaliens talk eruditely with their mouths full of affected Ivy League Valleyspeak.

Now we are making lists, organizing and working, listening to New Order.

Iím shopping for flights for YoungerSisterís (third) marriage and if I werenít planning to see friends and side tripping to LA to see yet more friends AND get my hair cut, Iíd be bummed about the money. $400 is a lot of corn for me these days. I just spent that same amount to get the hot water heater fixed! I doubt the wedding will feel as nice as a hot shower. But as the plumbing guy at the Home Cheapo said, ďThose are two kinds of different apples!Ē

After much talking with OlderSister and friends, I have decided YoungerSister is simply acting like a Fool In Love. If you know the Joe Jackson song, you will recognize the following: ďAre there any creatures more pathetic?Ē She is just in lalaland with the being pregnant, the fantasy church wedding, the deliriously in love business. I just hope that re-entry into Reality (the one most of us are living in?) isnít too bumpy.

Speaking of bump, hers is on display in an article in some HIV+ magazine this month. Thank god sheís finally out about the disease. I cannot imagine living with a secret like that; it would majorly screw with my head (as it has no doubt hers.) She looks pretty.

Letís talk about my outfit for the wedding. I have decided NOT to buy a dress. I am instead going to splurge on the Perfect White Shirt in the manner of DoŮa Carolina Herrera (but it probably wonít be her brand.) Everyone needs a Perfect White Shirt, and as I was explaining to Gentry recently, I just tossed my previous PWS in the trash. The collar was threadbare, the elbows were looking ratty, it was no longer blinding white. With this new PWS, I will wear my vintage olive green pencil skirt and a Statement Belt which has yet to be acquired. Perhaps a Fendi B? Or some other wide-ass, ginormous buckle number?

The idea is that if Iím the Bad Girl, Iím going to look the part, and in my mind, that part is played by a sultry 1950s film noir heroine. With a twist.

6:48 p.m. - 2006-09-15



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