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I am that guy in 'Memento'

Out of boredom, Iíve been surfing online job sites for parttime and fulltime design gigs.

Checking the listings, Iíve realized according to my experience and skills, I qualify for jobs that pay upwards of $70,000. Instead of making me giddy, the realization caused dread. I have to update my portfolio! If I want to interview for a position that pays that much, Iíve got to have a book that looks like I spent at least half of $70,000 in presentation. Iíve started thinking about making little books of my projects (so I donít have to haul the actual projects around--this system could come in handy since 65% of my stuff is book design and books are heavy. And it would work for other 3-dimensional stuff.)

Some woman from a company whose name did not sound familiar just called me to schedule an interview. And I was all, ďHmmm, can you refresh my memory?Ē So she goes on to remind me that I sent in a resume last week in response to an ad on Craigís List. Do not send resumes when youíre not paying attention! ďHmmm, yeah. Iím sorry, I feel like I have amnesia right now. What was the job?Ē Itís book production work, stuff I could do with my eyes closed. So now I have an interview on Thursday at 11. Where? I have no idea. She said she would email me the details. Iím hoping that the listing was for part-time or freelance work. If I didnít keep a copy of all of my ďsentĒ email, I would have truly NO IDEA what was going on in my life. I checked Craigís List after I hung up, and I think the listing has been yanked because I canít find it anywhere. Basically I just accepted an interview at a company Iíve never heard of, for a job that I donít really know anything about, in a part of Los Angeles yet to be determined, for pay that has not been discussed..

Whose the fucking idiot?

I have to make sure to look superprofessional for the interview to subvert that womanís impression of me as a total jackass. I just hope the company is not completely cheesy and lame. But if it is and the work is merely Quark production, Iíll suck it up because I have bills to pay and shopping to do. I just saw my dream boots on the Marc Jacobs website, and have to start saving up.

3:15 p.m. - 2002-06-11



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