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4 day weekend in a holiday nutshell

Thursday was Thanksgiving, and I’m happy to say that I did not eat myself into a coma. I think because it was buffet-style, I was less prone to overloading my plate and indulging in eyes-bigger-than-stomach-itis. Here’s what I sampled: turkey breast and mashed potatoes (made by me) with gravy, wild rice stuffing with pinenuts and dried apricots (made by me,) roasted beets, arugula salad with toasted walnuts and goat cheese, curried butternut squash soup, little phyllo purses filled with sauteed mushrooms and leek all tied together with ribbons of blanched leek greens, roasted carrots, brussel sprouts, parsnips (I love these,) and rutabagas. Then for dessert, I ate some apple-pear pie, some pecan pie, some apple brown betty, and some of Terence’s maple bourbon sweet potato pie which was heavenly.

I only drank one cocktail! There was so much food to sample that I never freshened my drink. I think this is also a reason why I didn’t feel ill on Friday.

After we ate, we played Taboo, but not with teams, and I came in third. I don’t think it’s nearly as fun as Celebrity, but it was still a nice way to wind down. Of course, there was also a little interlude where someone grabbed a guitar and people started singing Beatles and Elvis Costello songs, and that’s when I ran to the kitchen to hide and do dishes. I can’t stand it when things get all kumbaya and folksy. It just makes my skin crawl. Luckily that didn’t last long, just long enough for some people to recount a sordid tale about me and my drunken self at a party... once upon a time, towards the end of a party, people started playing guitar and singing Beatles’ songs, and I, being loaded and irritated, put on a Beatles cd and hit play. I did this multiple times and everyone seems to think it is one of my finer, more hilarious moments.


Friday was a day to relax, and spend 3 hours at the café. We rented movies with Hilary and watched Monsters, Inc. and All About My Mother. Who knew that Pixar and Almodovar could mix? Well they didn’t really, but I enjoyed both. I love Pedro Almodovar films. They are so beautiful to look at; all of the interior shots have incredible color and styling and wallpaper.

Saturday... hmmm, what did I do on Saturday? Oh, yeah. Picked up dry cleaning, organized printmaking stuff and printed a little bit. Helped Terence get his stuff together for his trip to Seoul. Saturday night we made a wild mushroom risotto, finished the sweet potato pie, and read. Very boring but very therapeutic.

Yesterday was 1) printing (we now each have an edition of 10 with three colors laid down,) 2) did handwash, 3) wrote a bio and a salary history for Terence, helped him put together a mini portfolio in pdf, 4) went to the café again, this time for only 1 hour, 5) went to the movies and saw Roger Dodger, 6) had dinner at the newly opened Hamburger Mary’s where the manager recognized us from the day before (we had walked in to check it out and had asked him if it was the same Mary’s as the one in San Francisco, and he said yes and handed us take-out menus and was very hospitable.) The manager not only gave us free dessert, but also split our bill in half! Love that West Hollywood hospitality. 7) bought Terence a mini tube of toothpaste, 8) helped him pack, prepared the espresso machine for this morning (so all he had to do was turn it on, and pull the lever,) 9) watched television (Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Seinfeld,) and 10) went to bed.

I was awake at 4:45 am, before the alarm even went off. Terence was awake too. His cab came at 5:30 to take him to LAX, and he seemed pretty relaxed when he left. I hope things go well in Korea. I keep thinking of dumb mother-types of things like, “I hope he’s warm enough.” He’s a grownup fer crissakes. I put a few little fortunes in his luggage, and packed a couple of valiums for the plane so that he can sleep. I kissed him goodbye and said, “I love you” and “Never accept the first offer” but maybe what I should have said was, “Don’t forget to ask the cabbie for a receipt.”

On today’s agenda is send some bidness emails, go to yoga, go to organic marché, go to post-office, maybe print another few colors, more handwash, pay rent... tonight I think I’m going with the girls to see the Mooney Clooney movie, Solaris. Let the trouble begin!

9:13 a.m. - 2002-12-02



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