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Looks matter

We were treated to sushi last night at Hirozen, and it was delicious. Sushi in Los Angeles is a special treat not only because it can get very expensive very fast (and I am still not anywhere near being solvent,) but because the fish here is of such superior quality. There are, like, important sushi schools here. Nobu himself is here, and LAís pretty much one of the sushi capitals of the western edge of the Pacific Rim.

Sashimi that melts in your mouth. Shiitake mushroom maki that were soft, chewy with a faint smoky flavor. Clear rolls that contained albacore, avocado and mango in a see-through rice paper wrap. Soy-marinated tuna nigiri, scallop maki, and shrimp tempura maki. I wanted to eat one of everything.

I donít even want to think about how much it cost. It was so sweet to be taken out to dinner. I hope I can eat there a few more times before I leave. I doubt the sushi in New Haven will be as good.

Terenceís fear is that there will be no decent Mexican food, so heís been on an enchilada, rolled taco, and quesadilla binge. No AlegrŪa or El Compadre in Connecticut, and probably no Benitoís or Pancho Villa either.

Is it any wonder Iím a pudge with all of this food talk? When Terence leaves, I will be on a steady diet of salads and rabbit food (with the occasional salade de chŤvre chaud thrown in.) New Haven will have other delicacies. Terence had excellent French fare, as well as good coffee. And he walked by some Italian bakery that he says looked authentically delicious.

Off topic: the other night, Terence was playing with one of his front teeth. The front right one is false, and for the last few weeks, itís been getting looser and looser. I reached over and batted his hand away to get him to stop because he doesnít have dental insurance yet and he canít show up to his first day of work looking like a hillbilly, and the tooth flew out of his mouth! It just came right out, screw and everything! It was so weird seeing him without a tooth. Thank god heíd had the presence of mind to buy some tooth cement at the drugstore earlier in the day. We took a digital pic of him w/o the tooth, then cemented it back into his head. So freaky. Of course now itís getting loose again, probably the result of biting into a fried tortilla, mostly the result of being a temporary solution.

I listened to the Democratic debate tonight, and found myself cheering for Dennis Kucinich who doesnít have a snowballís chance in hell. Some progressive ideas, though. I like how Dean gets inappropriately combative, but I also appreciate Wesley Clarkís slow, deliberate style. He may not have the charisma or media savvy of Kerry, but he was first in his class at Westpoint AND a Rhodes Scholar. I likes me the brainiacs.

And while Iím on the subject, is anyone else fascinated by the mini-firestorm that has erupted over John Kerryís extensive Botox usage? Read about it here and examine the pre- and post- images here. Even Terence noticed. ďA few weeks ago, I didnít trust him cause he looked grayed out, like a cadaver, but now he looks human.Ē Aaah, yes, the revitalizing miracle of modern medicine.

5:46 p.m. - 2004-01-29



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