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Gah... life

Being in California for 5 days was awful and awesome at the same time.

The Best Western in Capitola sucked, but it was within walking distance to TA’s favorite surf spots (The Hook, Steamer Lane, 38th Ave) and delicious cappuccinos from the Chill Out café. This is the Santa Cruz that I like, even if after a while I wanted to scream “Enough with The Mellow!” The weather was incredible, and we went from New Haven scarves and wool coats to tank tops and no socks. Couldn’t have asked for nicer temperatures.

Awesome? Our friends sent cards and flowers and it was lovely.
Awful? TA’s father saying “You get more mail and packages than I do!” And it’s true. No one telephoned him. The most he got were calls from solicitors, and these would elicit the only emotion he has access to: anger. “I can’t give you any money! My wife died!” Total visceral yelling and phone slamming. So depressing.

I’ve talked to so many folks about the trip that I feel like I’m done.

Instead I will tell you about how TA went to get new tires for the car. The wait was long, so he went to the liquor store to buy some things. He gets the car back, and not only is a bottle of Tanqueray missing, but also about $5 in change and the driver’s seat is scratched. Like TA needs more aggravation! He was so angry on the phone a few minutes ago, I could hear him shaking with furor.

Welcome home!

5:32 p.m. - 2005-11-25



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