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I paid $20 to renew Gold!

TA drew up the itinerary and is taking care of all of the driving/touristing/accomodations details while I crank out a TON of work. Most of my clients have been really cool about my summer relocation; the Connecticut client has been a major BITCH. This is apparently in keeping with the stateís motto: we hate anyone who can leave.

Seriously, this person has been uptight and impassive and I canít wait til the project is over. Thank god I negotiated an extra $400 out of them.

Anyway, the itinerary includes a tour of Fallingwater and a stop at the Spiral Jetty. There is a night in a hotel with a log cabin theme (maybe?), with most of the other nights in a cheapie hotel chain recommended by Mr Bingo (because thereís free wireless.) I will be working every night after having shared hours upon hours of driving.

Needless, we have been waking up stupidly early every day (TA: 4am; Me: 5am) trying to get as much done as possible. We donít set the alarm: our internal panic buttons JUST! GO! OFF! We keep asking eachother ďWhat the hell were we thinking?Ē because it seems inconceivable that we can get everything packed up and be headed to Pennsylvania on Saturday morning. A few reasons we canít sleep?
- the car is in the shop, and it needs $700ís worth of work. We both hate the car right now.
- TA is at court, trying to get out of jury duty. We both hate the courts right now.
- My fingers aaaache. We both hate RA right now.

Iím sure thereís more to tell, but I have abandoned my work for long enough.

More later, maybe.

12:42 p.m. - 2006-06-06



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